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  • Add additional IPads in all classrooms
  • Improve parking lots paving
  • Improve teacher retention by improving incentives
  • Improve teacher training opportunities
  • Recruit more participation in the TEACH Scholarship Program
  • Bring more services to the centers
  • Regenerate the Family Council and hold annual meetings
  • Improve Web site
  • Improve playgrounds
  • Improve billing process
  • Improve electronic communications: email, facebook, etc

Cherished Children's Continuous Improvement Goals for  2015:

Cherished Children's Continuous Improvement Goals for  2014:

CherishedChildren's Early Childhood Development Center, LLC

Focus Group Parents, Community Members and Stakeholders Meetings:

Calcutta 9 June 2015 5:30pm  in the School Age room
Lisbon (Both Centers in one group) 16 June 2015 5:30pm at the School Age Bldg.